This cymbal is a special model of very famous drummer Marco Baresi.


After our meeting in our factory, we designed this model in 2008. Both sides of the cymbal are lathed and it has hammered bell. And also the edges of the bell and cymbal are extra lathed.



RIDES – Marco Baresi Ride MB-R

Warm, rich stick response, soft, dark attack.

19” 20” 21” 22” 24”



HIHATS – Marco Baresi Hihat MB-H

Fast response, deep and full-bodied sound.

13” 14”




CRASHES – Marco Baresi Crash MB-C

Bright attack, high overtones.





CHINAS – Marco Baresi China MB-CH

Short, high and sharp “pang” sound. 





SPLASHES – Marco Baresi Splash MB-SP

Fast response, short decay, full timbre.