Kommagene is the newest model of Amedia and it takes this name from an ancient civilization in Turkey.


With its different colors and sound, it is preferred by jazz drummers like Ahmet Legend. This ancient image of this cymbal was invented by Ahmet Baykusak.


Un-hammered bell, light lathed and with magical appearance, most probably it will have the ear of many drummers.





RIDES - Kommagene Ride KO-R

Dark, warm,dry and soft, special timbre.


19” 20” 21” 22” 24”



HIHATS – Kommagene Hihat KO-H


Full-bodied sound, warm, clean stick definition.

13” 14”




CRASHES – Kommagene Crash KO-C


Lively - overtones, controllable, loud sound





CHINAS – Kommagene China KO-CH


Full, exotic, high and sharp “pang” sound





SPLASHES– Kommagene Splash KO-SP


Bright, fast response, dark, tasty and warm with a papery attack.