Vigor Rock Series are not your old-fashioned handmade Turkish cymbal. These bad boys will stand up to a Marshall stack or SVT and come out on top. 


You can tell the Vigors are different just by looking at their raw bell and shiny bow. 


With their heavily hammered but unlathed bells and 

tightly lathed bows, the Vigors cut but they don’t bore. Their complex timbres will hold your interest long after you would have sold your major-brand rockers for a loss on e-bay…


The rides are strong with a great bounce and clear bell; the crashes pack a punch and hold lots of potential sound energy. Hi-hats are loud with a tight stick response.


RIDES - Vigor Rock Ride VG-R


Loud, responsive; raw, dominant bell sound, clean stick definition.


19” 20” 21”22”24”



HIHATS - Vigor Rock Hihat VG-H


Tight stick response, loud volume.


13” 14”



CHINAS - Vigor Rock China VG-CH


Energetic, biting attack; heavy feel.


14”15”16” 17” 18” 19”20”




CRASHES - Vigor Rock VG-C


Heavy, powerful; solid attack; can be heard over the loudest groups.


14” 15”16”17”18”




SPLASHES - Vigor Rock Splash VG-SP


Raw bell; explosive, punchy attack; powerful.


8” 10” 12”




BELLS - Vigor Rock Bell VG-BL


Heavy bell; bright, cool overtones; shimmering decay.


8” 10” 12”