Antique is only a description of how this line looks, not the way it sounds. Modern rock, funk and fusion styles beg for some of the heavy, tight timbres the Antiques put out.


Two extra steps in the creative process give the Antiques their unique sound and look. After an initial hammering and sharp lathing, they are heavily supplemental-hammered by master hammersmiths Shaban and Ahmet Baykusak.


Then for their defining sound and finish, the Antiques are finally given one more pass through the wood-fired furnace.


The rides are low-pitched with a dry tight wash, the crashes earthy and explosive. Hi-hat pairs are heavy with an aggressive open wash and powerful chick. 



RIDES - Antique Ride AQ-R


Low-pitched, dry; tight response, earthy timbre.


19” 20” 21” 22”



HIHATS - Antique Hihat AQ-H


Heavy pairing; powerful and aggressive; heavy “chick” sound.


13” 14”




CRASHES - Antique Crash AQ-C


Short attack and decay; explosive, earthy crash sound.


16” 17” 18”