The Firebell is a true example in hand hammering at its finest. 

Consider a cymbal with a hammered bell that is at least 50% of the cymbal.

Then imagine that a hammer smith formed that bell completely by hand hammering, no bell form is currently available in these mammoth proportions. Finally the cymbal is completed by hammering the edge of bow as a ride with a very fine lathing. Then you’ll have the Amedia Firebell.

The Firebell was not meant to be used as a ride but the lathed edge has a defined stick and could add some differentiated riding at the right moment.

The bell is dark and of course has loads of volume, it has the attributes of a small gong. 

Drummers looking for that unique piece to add and Percussionists looking for a cymbal that has unique tonal properties for concert band and orchestral applications have found it in the Firebell. Leave the tire rim at home and take a unique cymbal.

Available in18-24” sizes,