Gianfranco Romano started playing  the piano at the age of 5. When he was 11, he started studying drums. He played, toured and collaborated with many important Italian artists (A. Morricone,  L. Bacalov, T. Rivale, M. Modugno,  R. Pregadio, R. Casale, G.Giuliani, Pier Giorgio Farina,  L.Tony,  A. Satta Flores, A.Febo, G. Pettenati, N. Fidenco, F. Franchi, F. Bracardi, R. Pavone, L. Fiorini Gipsy Moreno King, ( Gipsy King ) and many others ). He played and toured drums and percussion with the“Italian Brass Group” for the “Roma Opera House”,  “St. Cecilia Accademy” and ”Italian Music Accademy” . He also played with the  “Roma Sinfonietta Ensemble”,the”Florentine Chamber Orchestra” and  “ Lazio Regional Simphony Orchestra”. In 2006 he was the drummer  of  the“Nello Salza Ensemble”  and  toured in China, Thailand, Kazakhstan,Turkey, Albania, Greece, France, Romania, Czech Repubblic, and  many other coutries. He has recorded for many Italian artists .

Broadcasts : “Argento e oro” ( 1989 ) Rai Due, “Domenica in” ( 1996 )Rai Uno, “ La  notte  delle  Muse ”Canale 5 ( 1998 ), “Dolce Italia” France 2 ( 2001 – Live from Piazza Di Spagna, Rome for the national French Tv ), ”Cinema Italiano” France 2, ( 2003 – Live from Fellini Film Studios  Cinecittà for the national French Tv ) ;

Teaching : He  taught drums for 13 years in the “V.Volterra High School”,the “+ EMME Positive Music School”, and “Opus Musica” and collaborated with “Ciac Musica” and “Neuma” in Rome;